in the desperate kingdom of love

Hello! my name is Lena.This blog is dedicated to the pictures I took while walking and exploring fields and forests, villages and small towns and also bout my life and the beautiful things around.
My second blog is - -with another photos of dark fairytales and my handmade crafts.

Erect and majestic, of blistering crowns;
The oak trees are growing, at the rising of time
On freshly cut grass, on an emerald lawn;
I heed to the sounding, and the making of spawn

Never before, at the beauty of spring;
Have I noticed the scent, of so many things
Of lilies and daisies, and red pimpernel;
And the fluttering scent, of the fires from Hell

'Camouflaged by grief and dissembled in sorrow;
the advent of spring, in the rise of tomorrow
Shall weather its beauty and relish its pain;
wandering forth in golden rain’

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Big water in abandoned village.
Spring 2013.

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When we walked in fields of gold.

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